Thanks for helping us choose our cover!

Thanks to all of you who voted and who shared your wonderful insights regarding the cover for The Seven Gods of Luck! Here’s the final design (which has been uploaded to the printer–we’re waiting, again likely children before the holidays, for what we hope and trust are the final proofs):

Seven Gods Cover Art – A Poll

I need your help! So I’ve been working away to prepare The Seven Gods of Luck for simultaneous release as an ebook, a paperback, and an audiobook. Great fun! It’s almost ready… Except for one thing — the cover. I’ve been assuming that we’d be using a cover very similar to the one designed for […]

What can we do for you?

When it comes to words, what can’t we? Publishing (fiction, trade and academic non-fiction) Design your book in print and/or ebook format Print formats from simple black-and-white to complex, illustrated four-color Ebook formats—Kindle (mobi/KF8)& ePub: Fixed layout, flowing text, read-aloud, video- or audio-enhanced, etc. Create a cover Arrange printing—offset, short-run,or PoD Manage distribution Work with you to […]