Timekeeper Cover Reveal

We’re excited to share with you the cover of Timekeeper: A Steampunk Time-Travel Adventure by Heather Albano:

Timekeeper cover

Timekeeper: A Steampunk Time-Travel Adventure

Available June 18, 2017

What happens when the Law of Unintended Consequences meets the Time-Travel Paradox?

Find out in the thrilling continuation of the Keeping Time trilogy!

Follow Elizabeth, William, Maxwell, and the rest as they do their best to set time right… again. Struggling to get history flowing correctly, they encounter a brutal dystopian regime, steam-powered airships, breathtaking revelations, and a pocket watch that is both a tool and a trap.

Time travelers, freedom fighters, Frankenstein’s monster, the Battle of Waterloo, and Napoleon invading Britain by dirigible — What could possibly go wrong?

(Science fiction — Steampunk time-travel, historical romance and adventure)

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