About – At the Stillpoint of the Turning World

Stillpoint Digital Press is a publisher of fine ebook, audiobook and print editions in genres from fiction to literary nonfiction, from memoir to poetry. It aims to provide digital publishing with a human face, offering a full range of editorial services, from editing, layout and ebook conversion to distribution and marketing.

For information about submitting your book to be published by Stillpoint, go here.

For information about ebook conversion and other editorial services, go here.

To browse our current catalog of print and digital books, visit the Stillpoint Bookstore

For other questions, see our FAQ page or visit our forums, where you can ask questions, contact our authors, and find out about Stillpoint news.

For updates from Stillpoint’s staff and authors, visit our author blogs.

And of course, you can always contact Stillpoint publisher David Kudler at: publisher@stillpointdigital.com

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